Artist Statement and Biography – Joy Olagoke 


Hi, I’m Joy and I’m from Edmonton Alberta. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and I love getting to know people and making strong connections, such as through my international relationships. I’m passionate about environmental design, sustainability, creating and I have further developed these interests in my undergraduate studies of Architectural History and Industrial Design, during my time at Carleton University in Ottawa. This past September, I started my Master of Architecture at the University of Calgary. 

Architecture is its own form of art, the continuous lines and repetition draw a viewer’s eye akin to that of artists’ works. Architecture and art consist of elements that draw in viewers to be in awe of the piece in front of them, often making them to stop and stare. I know this because it happens to me when I see a brilliant piece, or an exquisite building. Art and architecture are both means in which one can express oneself, the world around, or whatever message one intends to portray. Architecture is a medium which I aspire to master to express myself. 

As Architects, it’s imperative to be mindful of our designs of the built environment; acknowledging the adverse effects of our human interaction with nature first hand is crucial to our practice. I believe that interdisciplinary approaches lead to a more empathetic understanding of the interaction between people and places. Seeing provides more insights and opportunities to provoke thought and address problems overlooked or not yet discovered. This is especially important when trying to address the needs and concerns of a community. 

I have had the privilege of visiting several countries around the world. These life-changing experiences did not only teach me about myself, but significantly changed my world view, career path and knowledge of local cultures. My exchange semester in Scotland, January – May 2015, gave me the opportunity to tour countries in Europe including Poland where I volunteered for a month with an English Immersion camp for youths. My travels, both abroad and domestic, including moving to Eastern Canada by myself, not only broadened my cultural and intellectual awareness, but also awakened some of the personal independence in me that I continue to nurture. Whether I travel to other countries, or learn about them from Canada, it is important for me to draw connections to what happens abroad. These parallels could happen here where I have more influence as a Canadian. 

Last year, I bought a melodica and I have been teaching myself how to play it as means to get more much in touch with the music I hear. I’m not musically gifted but have always admired music’s endless ability to transcend barriers. I look for these qualities in every facet of my life, and aim to infuse them in my art and designs.